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Clients I love working with:

You’ve done your fair share of self-development healing work. Whether that be therapy, coaching, retreats or another modality.

You know self-development work works but you feel like there are some pieces missing.

You’re at a place in your life where you really want to own and respect your own sensitivity. You want to discover how to really make the most of it even if you’re worried about not being tough enough or not living up to expectations.

Deep down you know that your sensitivity makes sense and that people who tell you to just suck it up, be less sensitive and be someone different, don’t know the right path for you.

But you also know that what you’re doing now isn’t working 100%.

There are areas in your life where you don’t feel heard and respected. You end up shouldering a lot of responsibility and getting little back or you feel a little lost about who you are and what’s next for you.

There are some intuitive practices that appeal, but you’re also worried about going off into lala land.

You’ve been given some practices that work well for others – clearly – but they don’t work well for you. You’re starting to wonder whether you may just need to go about things in a different way because you are a Highly Sensitive Person, and nobody really specifically helped you understand how that works.

I love working with people like you.


I love working with people who are compassionate.

Who have a natural sense of right and wrong. Who want to do right by others, but who are waking up to realise that – more often than not – their caring makes them get lost in the shuffle.

You’re ready to make your own life even better: be both a good person, and get your own needs met well too.

I love showing you how to create this win-win. It makes a better world for everyone.

I love working with people who have their own inner truth that is itching to be expressed.

Being authentic comes with it’s own share of struggle, especially when what you want to say (or write, or paint, or sing or do!) goes against the grain.

Being different and standing out often feels unsafe. Saying what everyone else says is easy, but what if your message is more radical, not readily accepted, and makes people (really) uncomfortable?

I love helping HSPs stay true to themselves, navigate that tricky path of expressing themselves and handling whatever reactions that brings up in others (and in themselves!).

Your expression and creativity are important. It’s what we need collectively to solve problems. It’s what you need personally to feel fully alive, on purpose and heard. It’s what builds a better world for others and for you.

Being the one who sees the elephant in the room puts you in a unique position to get important things unstuck and moving in the right direction.


If you’d like to explore working together, and get a taste of what’s next for you, set up a Clarity Call with me here.

Clarity Calls are pressure free, designed to both give you quick, actionable answers and (if you want to) see how I can support you in a bigger way in a personalised coaching programme.

Clarity Calls are at an introductory rate, so you can test out what it’s like to talk with me. Because you never really know until you try, right? In finding the right person to work with, it’s so important to feel heard and safe, and have a sense that the person you speak with really knows what they’re talking about.

When you find the right match like that, it’s worth it. Mountains of books that never really “sunk in” can suddenly sink in in a single coaching call, because it’s explained in a way that makes perfect sense to you specifically.

The answers to most things are out there somewhere, but where we all get stuck is in connecting the dots on how things apply to our own life specifically, what applies when, and how we can get all that information and insight to actually work.

Plus, the concept of High Sensitivity is relatively new. It’s from Elaine Aron’s work in the 90’s. That may seem like a long time ago, but in terms of new concepts, it’s really recent.

This means that much of the other healing, self-development and transformation insights have not yet been translated well to really make sense for Highly Sensitive People. Some wonderful theories need to be applied in reverse for us. Others don’t apply much at all, and then there are new ways of thinking that are helpful for us specifically.

So often, I speak with HSPs who are almost there. They have a bunch of brilliant insights, read relevant books, and know a lot about themselves. But all that information is useless because of a few glitches in connecting all the dots.

I’m here to help you connect those dots, not to be the guru on the mountain to tell you tales of unheard of wonders.

I’m here to help you connect the dots on what you already see and know, and provide any missing information and tools, so you can put all of that to good use.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t have a lot of time to waste. You have a life to live! You don’t want to spend years and years piecing together all the answers just for the sake of patting yourself on the back for figuring it all out on your own.

If there’s a short-cut, you’ll take it.

Because you know you need to be out there living your life to the fullest.

So let me start connecting the dots with you in a 30-minute Clarity Call:






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Who the Heck am I? And how did I end up doing this work?

I used to work as a university teacher. Due to some dramatic twists and turns, I ended up being completely burned out by my sensitivity.

Looking for answers anywhere and everywhere, I threw myself into the woo-woo healing deep-end. (You can read more about my story here)

I wasn’t able to find much helpful support (just lots of bits and pieces), so I ended up -mostly- figuring out my own way to put things together, heal my emotional pain, and understand my sensitivity. I was able to build myself and my life back up, from a place of being exhausted from just one 5 minute phone call a day! (Which is hard to even imagine now, thankfully!)

Now I’m on a mission to teach others what I’ve learned about working with your in-built sensitivity, instead of fighting it. I don’t want you to have to go off into the deep end and sink-or-swim to learn what I learned. Instead, I want to teach you these tools and principles now so that you can use them to make your life work even better!

Despite my own struggles, I know I ended up in the right place. Teaching HSPs how to feel better and live intuitively and on purpose feels a lot more crucial to me than teaching an introduction to sociology does :)

As both a trained academic, and a very subtly-attuned clair-sentient. (I swear I ended up creatively “channeling” much of what I learned and now teach), you get the best of both worlds: sensitive validation and practical logic. I won’t tell you to just have faith and count your mandala beads.

I also won’t tell you to just get over yourself.

There are subtle step-by-step ways to get to where you want to go, without having to stress yourself out or be someone you’re not. I’ve studied this: the actual mechanisms behind important things like  letting go, loving yourself and speaking up. These things need to be broken down into all the subtle dynamics, in order to actually apply them in your day to day life. Someone telling you to just “do this” doesn’t cut it.

There are a few different ways to work with me:

hand drawn illustration of a Highly Sensitive Person sorting an issue into different possible topic boxes

If you are an empath…

…then the single programme to start with for you is the From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Programme.

If you’re hesitant about working together (or not sure it’s financially worth it) then consider poking around inside the Happy Sensitive Library first. Try some of my DIY courses in there and see how it’s helping you before committing to anything bigger.


If you are Highly Sensitive (yet not empathic to the point of literally absorbing other people’s feelings…)

… then there are a few different programmes to choose from. (These can also be really helpful for empaths after having completed the From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant programme first.)

Are you struggling with stress and exhaustion and are you lacking a way to predict and plan what will and won’t work well for you? This is probably the right fit for you

Are you slowly going mad because no matter where you turn (dating included) there always seems to be a narcissist to deal with? How about getting to the bottom of the HSP – Narcissists attraction magnet, and doing some work to dissolve the ick-factor?


If you are (or want to be) self-employed as a coach / therapist / healer / teacher

I can help you with that too! Take a look at my dedicated site for details on a combination of personal coaching + business coaching.




P.S. I like giving you options… Have you noticed? ;)

That said, figuring out what you need can be a complex thing in and of itself. So when it comes down to it, my recommendation is to set up a Clarity Call  with me.

(Really, there’s  a reason why strangers on the street will tell me their life story. Apparently, I’m not that scary to talk to).

I’ve made it affordable, so we can talk without pressure. You can get a sense of the kind of person I am and whether we click and I can get my intuition and analytical brain to work to figure out what’s – at root – going on for you and what would help you most.

(No fluffing up the surface fluff here! I really want to help you address the things that will create the most positive momentum in your life).

P.P.S. I will refer you to someone else if I’m not convinced I’m the right person to help you. After all, we’re not talking about buying a simple stretchy skirt that fits pretty much no matter what. I don’t know about you, but skirts like that, I’ll buy them without even needing to open the packaging. Coaching however, is not like that…coaching is pretty personal both in content and approach. You definitely want to make sure you work with someone who “gets” you and approaches things in a way that is truly helpful for you.


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