Why Being Sensitive to Energy can make it Scary to Run an Online Business

Full disclosure: I’m an empath. That means I am ridiculously aware of the emotions and thoughts of people I interact with – whether up close or at a distance.

It is no longer a source of overwhelm like it used to be, because I am now trained at handling this (and I train other empaths how to handle this too). Nevertheless, when someone gets nasty, it’s still a big blow and I need my tools to not just “rationally” deal with the situation, but also deal with the energy bombs that some people like throwing around.


If you’re sensitive to energy, you’ll recognise this, although you may not be able to put your finger on it exactly.

You have dreams for running a business online, yet at the same time, you’re terrified of being too visible and getting bombarded with out-of-whack energies from the internet’s famous stash of “blaming, crazy and demanding”.

Doing something online can feel like standing in a brightly lit room with big windows, on a dark open prairy. Who knows what’s out there? What if they keep knocking on the window and you can’t leave or hide? What if they come in even though you said no? What if you get overwhelmed with inquiries and demands and expectations? What if you get hurt and discouraged?

These fears can stop you from getting out there and doing meaningful work helping other people.

That’s a shame, right?

Yet, it doesn’t mean you should just push yourself to be bright and shiny and deal with whatever comes your way.

When working with energy sensitive entrepreneurs, I teach them 2 very different and also complimentary strategies:

The first is how to deal with the energy of interactions. If you are an empath, then you can’t run an online business (or any business really, unless you don’t have to deal with any people) without understanding your own energy sensitivity inside and out. You must learn how to stop absorbing and getting knocked over by energy. You need to learn skills for handling anger and blame and other tough emotional energies from the people you interact with.


This is huge because energy travels long distances easily, so depending on how your inner energy “radar” is programmed, you could get thrown off balance by someone who only reaches out over email, or leaves a comment on a blog post. Obviously, you can’t run a business when you get slapped around that way. So this is why energy skills that allow you to maintain your own calm, focus and enthusiasm are crucial.

The second strategy I teach energy sensitive entrepreneurs is to create practical filters that encourage the right people to contact you, and discourage the wrong people. Your website can function as a kind of body guard, welcoming friendly people and repelling aggressive, scary types.

If you don’t use your website this way then you’re missing out on a huge form of support that is available to you. There are so many ways now to create steps and processes and terms and conditions that will create an energetic safety net.

So never mind the celebrity coaches and marketers who love living in the limelight. It’s o.k. – and realistic – to be apprehensive about visibility. Rest assured: you won’t become a success overnight.

So enjoy starting small and being unknown and mostly unfound! This gives you the space and time to get the skills and filters in places that will allow you to shine brighter, and be more visible – comfortably – over time.


P.S. Do you know you that you need energy skills in order to be successfully self-employed? I can support you and teach you what you need to know, here.

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