Sensitive Sage Success Programme

  • Do you worry about being overwhelmed in your business?
  • Do the popular biz-blueprints out there feel at odds with your sensitivity?
  • Do you know it’s time to really own your sensitivity, but you’re not sure how?

Let your sensitivity add to your business success by learning how to lead and develop your business in a way that is in sync with your sensitive nervous system.

Even if you’re convinced that your sensitivity is the cause of all your biz hurdles, you’ll find that by understanding how to lovingly work with your sensitivity you open the way to more clarity, serenity, joy and success in your business.

After all, if your business doesn’t support who you actually and truly are, then you’ll always feel like you’re just not cut out for business or it’s just not as good as you once thought it could be. Or maybe you worry that you just need to “toughen up” and “brave things out” like the big biz boys.

In this coaching programme you’ll learn practical tools and strategies customised for you and your business (or business idea). You’ll gain confidence and clarity from leading your business in a sensitive-friendly way.

The Sensitive Sage Success Programme is a two step programme:

Step 1: First, we develop your Happy Sensitive Biz Foundations:

  • You’ll receive a 100 page + workbook with information and exercises to get clear on your bigger vision and your strategies for optimum “biz symbiosis” between you, your biz and your HSP-nervous system. This is the system I still use today to continue to develop my business in alignment with what I enjoy, and without getting overwhelmed. You’ll learn how to do this too, in your own unique way.
  • During the private coaching calls, we’ll develop your personal “biz sanity” solution to keep you strong and grounded amidst all the big and small upheavals that come with being self-employed. This will be your own personal healing system to support you both practically, and energetically. When you know how to shift internally, to meet your vision, the practical action steps that get the results you want become much easier to take.

Step 2: Once your Happy Sensitive Foundations are in place, we’ll dive in to (further) enhance and bring out your unique sensitive intuitive gifts and wisdom:

  • We’ll develop practical ways to bring more of your sensitive self into your business. We’ll develop ways to (further) bring your sensitive gifts out into the world in a way that others can understand, benefit from, and are happy to pay you for.
  • We’ll develop systems and strategies for sharing your wisdom, attracting new clients, and marketing yourself in a sensitivity-friendly way.

To give you the time to get your Happy Sensitive Foundations set up right (without rushing) and provide you with plenty of practical action steps along the way, this is a one year programme. In other words, this is not for you if you need to make (more) money quick, or don’t really have time to invest in setting up your sustainable biz foundations. Here’s what is included in the programme:

  • You’ll meet with me one-on-one, twice a month to make sure you move along swiftly but also supported-ly. These calls are approximately two hours each to give us plenty of time to dive deep. (No worries, time will fly!)
  • You’ll have email support from me throughout the programme. You’ll be able to contact me with questions and I’ll be sending you any additional ideas and tips over email inbetween our sessions. In this way, our work and the support you receive is continuous.
  • You’ll have two hours of my time per month (on average) for e-mail feedback on your business materials. These can include: website, audiovisual materials, PDF handouts for clients etc. I won’t be able to give you feedback on absolutely everything you produce but I will be able to help you translate your ideas into tangible materials and give you detailed feedback on the most important parts. Seeing what you are actually working on will also bring an important reality-check to our calls.  After all, our ideas often look different from within our own creator heads than they do when they are actually out in the world. That’s why having someone who understands what you’re aiming for, but who is also willing to point out what is and isn’t actually there, is invaluable.

In this programme, I will add in anything and everything that I believe would help you. Hence, in many ways this is my “everything” package that brings together all the pieces of what I can share and teach that would be relevant to you and your business. You’ll get complimentary access to any of my signature DIY programmes that I deem helpful for you.


Your investment for this programme is: 8000 euros paid in full. Or 4 monthly installments of 2000 euros.

Sign up for the Sensitive Sage Success Programme below:

If it sounds like this programme would be a good fit for you, then I’ll invite you to a free Biz Clarity Call.

“From a business perspective I feel so solid. There are still things to do, but I don’t feel any kind of doubt that I can’t do them.”

Liz Connors. Coach at


Liz and I are also friends. She became the first person to take the Sensitive Sage Success Programme. We were chatting (as friends) and she mentioned a vague yet tangible concept, an idea of the work she really wanted to do. When I say tangible, I mean that I could feel it, but it didn’t have a name yet, and it didn’t have a way to be communicated to other people yet. I could feel it “out there” but it needed shape and form and naming and defining. We set up a call to explore this “something” and that’s how she decided to become my client for a year.

Liz already had a coaching business, but it didn’t feel exactly right because it wasn’t built around this very important thing that she couldn’t quite yet define. Liz had a really unique idea of who she wanted to work with and why. She felt there was something missing in the coaching industry. She could sense a space right after therapy, where people needed a specific kind of support that just didn’t really exist. At the end of our work together, when we’d given this idea shape, a whole webinar to explain it and coaching programmes built around it, she called this the last piece of a puzzle she’d been searching for for so long!

Over the year of us working together she changed the look of her website and brand (she started off with a background picture of a frozen lake which – you know – didn’t quite communicate the sparks of passion she was going for 😉 , but it felt meaningful to her and was initially hard to let go of), she found her own feel-good way to promote herself on social media and in her newsletters and she enrolled her first clients in her new programmes.

She went from having 50 subscribers to having over 1100 (and counting) and going from hoping someone would be interested in what she had to share to urging people who were not a good fit to unsubscribe!

She started off being very worried about the many many many things she’d have to do, but learned over time that there were a few key things to take care of, not an endless list.

She started off being quite worried about putting herself out there. It’s the internet, anyone can find you and reach out to you, what will happen? How do you control all the weird energy that might be coming at you? We worked on both the inner work and outer work of setting boundaries that allowed her to feel comfortable and open without getting overwhelmed.

Below, I’m including an excerpt from her final coaching call, when we were reflecting on the work done. There are some audio glitches (we could hear each other fine, but the recording would cut out for little bits when we were both laughing). I am including it here to help give you a sense of what it can feel like to work with me in the Sensitive Sage Success Programme. It’s not an “official” testimonial. We were talking and this spontaneously came up.