“Before working with Caroline I was struggling with providing for my family. Although I love my work as a creativity coach and artist, it used to leave me exhausted and I had to rest for long periods of time, especially after workshops and meetings. This affected my income and my willingness to take on new clients and market my services.

During our work together I felt like I had been given an encryption key to my way of experiencing life. Although I had previously worked a lot on developing boundaries, learning about being an empath gave me the tools to interact with people without depleting my energy reserves. Caroline’s material presented me with information that immediately made sense to me and brought results (relief) instantly.

Now I can work intensively for eight hours in creativity coaching workshops and come home to be a present mother to my children. I can suddenly understand how it is possible to work with people for the whole work week. While I still need my alone time, now I can use it for my art instead of resting in complete exhaustion.

What I didn’t expect was the value I received. After reading the pdf material and doing the exercises I felt like even if I didn’t do one more thing, I had already gotten my money’s worth. And followed the daily e-mails, the videos and the sessions! Although I had a good, lovely life before this program, now I feel like I’m living in the harvest time of my life. So much good is happening and I can enjoy it fully.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who recognizes empath traits in themselves and is ready to face themselves emotionally in a safe space.”

Marie Mikkonen. Visual Artist and Creativity Coach.





“From a business perspective I feel so solid. There are still things to do, but I don’t feel any kind of doubt that I can’t do them.”

Liz Connors. Coach at Soul-Warriors.com


Liz and I are also friends. She became the first person to take the Sensitive Sage Success Programme. We were chatting (as friends) and she mentioned a vague yet tangible concept, an idea of the work she really wanted to do. When I say tangible, I mean that I could feel it, but it didn’t have a name yet, and it didn’t have a way to be communicated to other people yet. I could feel it “out there” but it needed shape and form and naming and defining. We set up a call to explore this “something” and that’s how she decided to become my client for a year.

Liz already had a coaching business, but it didn’t feel exactly right because it wasn’t built around this very important thing that she couldn’t quite yet define. Liz had a really unique idea of who she wanted to work with and why. She felt there was something missing in the coaching industry. She could sense a space right after therapy, where people needed a specific kind of support that just didn’t really exist. At the end of our work together, when we’d given this idea shape, a whole webinar to explain it and coaching programmes built around it, she called this the last piece of a puzzle she’d been searching for for so long!

Over the year of us working together she changed the look of her website and brand (she started off with a background picture of a frozen lake which – you know – didn’t quite communicate the sparks of passion she was going for 😉 , but it felt meaningful to her and was initially hard to let go of), she found her own feel-good way to promote herself on social media and in her newsletters and she enrolled her first clients in her new programmes.

She went from having 50 subscribers to having over 1100 (and counting) and going from hoping someone would be interested in what she had to share to urging people who were not a good fit to unsubscribe!

She started off being very worried about the many many many things she’d have to do, but learned over time that there were a few key things to take care of, not an endless list.

She started off being quite worried about putting herself out there. It’s the internet, anyone can find you and reach out to you, what will happen? How do you control all the weird energy that might be coming at you? We worked on both the inner work and outer work of setting boundaries that allowed her to feel comfortable and open without getting overwhelmed.

Below, I’m including an excerpt from her final coaching call, when we were reflecting on the work done. It’s not a super polished testimonial (and there are some audio glitches) but I am including it here to help give you a sense of what it can feel like to work with me in the Sensitive Sage Success Programme




“Starting a business is an invigorating, yet scary thing to do for any “normal” person. For a highly sensitive person it is a study in good and bad stress. Having someone that understands how you function and that what works for most business owners may not work for you, is invaluable to your growth.

Caroline of “The Happy Sensitive” has been my coach for some time now, and the insights she has given me have been the most helpful to helping me get unstuck, and for moving forward with my passion. She helps you come up with achievable goals, business strategies that work for you, and she helps you cut through all the junk that you pick up and learn as you are finding all the ins and outs of running a business.

If you are highly sensitive, then I would give you the advice of not believing everything you read or are taught in a business class. There is a way for you to run your business that is still within your sensitive preferences, and doesn’t make you feel like you are fighting through a mud pit. Talk to Caroline about sensitive business coaching. I am grateful every day that I did, and i would not have made it as far (at least not without a lot more headaches) without her.”

Amanda Avery, Educator at Avery Learning Lab


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