Hi, I’m Caroline

I teach sensitive people how to access the wisdom in their sensitivity.

I used to fight my sensitivity and try to “toughen up” a lot. As a result, I ended up exhausted and burned out in my old job as a liberal arts teacher at Maastricht University.

Yet as I slowly learned to listen to and honour my sensitivity, I discovered how I was being guided to a better, bolder and more creative way of life. A life much more suited to who I really am.

I kept track of my discoveries along the way and since I have a background in teaching, I started teaching other Highly Sensitive People – and especially empaths – what I’d discovered. This is how my work TheHappySensitive.com came to be.

As I was teaching others my happy sensitive tools, I started to see that many of my clients were self-employed or aching to be self-employed.They struggled with many of the issues and questions I’d struggled with when I got started doing my coaching work.

People started to ask me more and more about the “biz” side of what I was doing.

  • How do you work one-on-one with clients, without getting overwhelmed?
  • How do you deal with “being visible” online ?
  • How do you market yourself without feeling icky or stressed out?
  • How do you structure what you offer?
  • How do you stay true to yourself and make money?

Sensitive people have such amazing wonderful things to share. Yet, in order to do so, we need an approach, a system, a bunch of tools, that support us in our sensitivity (instead of denying or belittling it).

Ultimately, for us sensitive people, being self-employed means freedom and kindness. Freedom to be ourselves. Kindness to design our biz and life in a way that truly supports us and allows us to shine.

I want that for you, and I believe the world will be a happier place for it.

Happy Clients, Happy You Programme

Biz Clarity Call

Sensitive Sage Success Programme

From a business perspective I feel so solid. There are still things to do, but I don't feel any kind of doubt that I can't do them..  [listen to full testimonial]

Liz Connors

Before working with Caroline I was struggling with providing for my family. Although I love my work as a creativity coach and artist, it used to leave me exhausted and I had to rest for long periods of time, especially after workshops and meetings. This affected my income and my willingness to take on new clients and market my services.

Now I can work intensively for eight hours in creativity coaching workshops and come home to be a present mother to my children. I can suddenly understand how it is possible to work with people for the whole work week. While I still need my alone time, now I can use it for my art instead of resting in complete exhaustion. [read full testimonial]

Marie Mikkonen
Visual Artist & Art Life Coach

Caroline of “The Happy Sensitive” has been my coach for some time now, and the insights she has given me have been the most helpful to helping me get unstuck, and for moving forward with my passion. She helps you come up with achievable goals, business strategies that work for you, and she helps you cut through all the junk that you pick up and learn as you are finding all the ins and outs of running a business. [read full testimonial]

Amanda Avery 
Educator at Avery Learning Lab