Happy Clients, Happy You Programme

  • Are you very intuitive when it comes to working with your clients?
  • Do you also get overwhelmed and drained easily in social interactions?
  • Do clients leave your (virtual) office feeling better, while you feel worse?
  • Do you -at times- doubt whether you’re cut out to work with people at all?

These are the common qualities and problems of empath life coaches, therapists, counselors and healers.


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Yet, it’s not your job to be the garbage can who feels worse while making everyone else feel better. It’s not a requirement to be a suffering sponge in order to be good at what you do.

In fact, your gifts will be positively amplified (without draining you) when you learn how to work with your own energy more effectively. This means reprogramming your subconscious mind to attract positive clients and only allow respectful interactions.

reallyHere’s the thing. You may be doing everything right in terms of your conscious actions and mindset. You may be telling people clearly that they shouldn’t expect the impossible from you. Yet in saying no with your words you may still be saying yes with your energy. This just ends up being confusing for you and your clients. It also doesn’t get you the results you want.

Running a successful business requires getting your energy and your actions aligned in a way that is sustainable.

I’ll teach you how to reprogramme the subconscious patterns that are causing you to feel drained and overwhelmed in working with your clients. 

This is not about shielding, shutting down or becoming less sensitive. Your sensitivity is a gift that shouldn’t be thrown away. Learn how to nurture your sensitivity by staying open without absorbing other people’s stress and pain.

The Happy Clients, Happy You programme is a 6 month, 3 step programme

step 1: You learn the empath skills that will help you to stay open and sensitive to your clients without getting drained or overwhelmed by their emotions. Included is access to my signature self-study programme that has:

  • 3 months of daily 5-minute emails. These emails break down the empath skills into easily-digestible steps.
  • Several short guided audios to make learning the empath skills easier.
  • Bonus videos that explain how to use the empath skills in a few tricky common situations.
  • A short PDF manual that outlines and briefly introduces the 6 empath skills. This serves as both an introduction and a reference manual throughout the programme.
  • Email support throughout the programme. Send me an email whenever you need some encouragement, are unsure of how to apply to empath skills to a particular situation, or just have some overal questions.

step 2: As you’re going through the programme I’m here to support you with 6 private 2- hour coaching calls.

  • During these calls we’ll do subconscious reprogramming together to heal draining and overwhelming interaction patterns.
  • You’ll learn how to tweak the empath skills to fit your personal intuitive style.
  • You’ll get a good sense of how these skills connect with any other spiritual or healing tools that you may already master (we won’t be reinventing the wheel here!).

step 3: Then in the last 3 months, we really hone in on your dealings with your clients. You’ll have continued e-mail support, 4 hours of review time and 6 private coaching calls of 2 hours during which:

  • We further develop your personal empath strategy to ensure that your interactions with your clients are mutually uplifting.
  • We map out a bigger plan for your business in terms of how to have the kinds of client relationships that would be ideal for you. This is a long-term strategy that will reach far beyond the 6 months of this programme. We’ll map things out so that you know your long-term vision, and know how to get there.
  • Included in this work is 4 hours of review time. This is time I will spend reviewing relevant written materials like your (ideas for) terms and conditions, scheduling terms, and other written materials that communicate your boundaries to your clients. This is to make sure your boundaries are clear and supportive of your energy and your work. (Please note this is not legal advice!)


Your investment for this programme is: 4000 euros in full or four monthly payments of  1000 euros


“gave me more fulfillment and joy +  a new outlook on how to develop the business”

Susy is trail-blazing therapist and empath who was committed to her business and her work with clients, but she struggled with empath overwhelm and also didn’t see a good way to grow her business and income.

All the ways she could think of to move forward just made her feel more overwhelmed. Much of “doing business” felt like a bunch of burdensome shoulds.

She knew she “should” market more and she “should” put more information on her website, but all these shoulds were keeping her stuck! She also felt like she “should” take on more clients, but at the same time she felt like she was already at maximum capacity.

In working together she learned the skills she needed to stop her empath sponging. We did foundational work to get clear on who she loved working with and why – so she could invite more of these clients her way.

We also shifted her approach to and understanding of her work, herself and her clients. We devised a marketing plan that felt fun, a client schedule that felt supportive, a way for her to talk about herself and her work that was authentic and inspiring for her and a long-term plan on how to grow her business :

“Working with Caroline has enabled me to better self-care, feel lighter and experience more enjoyment.

Before this program I couldn’t discern that I was picking up emotions that weren’t my own. I perceived that what I felt was all mine to address, leaving me depleted and not knowing what to do.  Caroline helped me to discern what was mine and what wasn’t. She equipped me with tools that have assisted me in stopping to sponge and absorb other’s emotions, lightening how I feel. What I loved about these tools is that they address the core issue of the matter, making the impact long lasting, not temporary. These tools are a big part of how I stay feeling my best.

Working with Caroline through her business coaching program has given me a more refreshing and enjoyable outlook on my business.

Through her coaching, she guided me in shifting the foundation of my business, bringing in aspects of myself that gave me more fulfillment and joy. Along with that shift came a new outlook on how to develop the business, and direction on how to better understand my clients. This enabled me to see more opportunity on how to grow my business, than I previously did.

Caroline’s kind, thoughtful and humorous way of coaching, also supported me in moving through some of the difficult parts of the business that were keeping me from being my most expressed self and preventing my business from flourishing. Having Caroline as a business coach is like having a support line for your business that you can count on to give you direction that works.”

Susy, Canada


Who this is / isn’t for:

The Happy Clients, Happy You Programme is for empath coaches, therapists, healers and teachers who want to experience changes in their work with clients fast and who are willing to do the work and go deep to face what is really holding them back.

  • For me to give you my full attention during this intense programme, and for you to receive the benefits of my experience in quickly getting to the core of limiting empath patterns, there is a price tag.
  • For financially struggling business owners who would rather pay less and do more on their own (and not get targeted business support) there is this programme (on my other site).

The Happy Clients, Happy You Programme is for you if you basically love the work you do, it’s just that you’re struggling with client drain and overwhelm. Your work may need some adjusting, but you’re not looking for a different career.

If however you feel like the work you’re doing doesn’t really fit who you are: it doesn’t inspire you and doesn’t feel like what you’re meant to be doing at all… then take a look at the Sensitive Sage Success Programme. In the Sensitive Sage Success Programme I can help you with energy skills to remedy client overwhelm as well as work with you to align you to what you are truly meant to be doing.


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If it sounds like the programme would be a good fit for you right now then I’ll invite you to a complimentary Biz Clarity Call to discuss details.



“Before working with Caroline I was struggling with providing for my family. Although I love my work as a creativity coach and artist, it used to leave me exhausted and I had to rest for long periods of time, especially after workshops and meetings. This affected my income and my willingness to take on new clients and market my services.

During our work together I felt like I had been given an encryption key to my way of experiencing life. Although I had previously worked a lot on developing boundaries, learning about being an empath gave me the tools to interact with people without depleting my energy reserves. Caroline’s material presented me with information that immediately made sense to me and brought results (relief) instantly.

Now I can work intensively for eight hours in creativity coaching workshops and come home to be a present mother to my children. I can suddenly understand how it is possible to work with people for the whole work week. While I still need my alone time, now I can use it for my art instead of resting in complete exhaustion.

What I didn’t expect was the value I received. After reading the pdf material and doing the exercises I felt like even if I didn’t do one more thing, I had already gotten my money’s worth*. And followed the daily e-mails, the videos and the sessions! Although I had a good, lovely life before this program, now I feel like I’m living in the harvest time of my life. So much good is happening and I can enjoy it fully.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who recognizes empath traits in themselves and is ready to face themselves emotionally in a safe space.”

Marie Mikkonen. Visual Artists and Creativity Coach.


*Marie took a smaller version of this programme, as the current offering on this page didn’t then exist yet. In Happy Clients, Happy You you’ll be learning what she learned and so much more!