Energy Congruency is the Key to a Thriving Business

Energy congruency means that if you say you are all about something and that you help people with this thing, you make sure you are that person in your personal life too. And if you’re not, you do something about it.


This means you need to be serious about what you choose to promote yourself as.

  • If you say you’re the vegan cook, but you’re racing to McDonald’s every other day… not congruent.
  • If you help people with their love life, but you’re terrified of dating yourself and have pretty much sworn off men… not congruent.
  • If you help people create a work-out they love, but you hate working out yourself… ehm, not congruent.

O.k. and so these are the cartoon-obvious examples I made up, but they help to make the point.

In short, this is why much of the coaching business has a bad rap. There are too many wanna-be “got my life together” coaches promoting something they are not truly living. It’s incongruent, and it smells fishy.

You don’t want to make yourself too big to try and “win clients” only to find yourself falling short behind the scenes. It creates all kinds of weird pressure for yourself (you’ll never feel good enough) and for your clients too (because now they will try to live up to something impossible as well).

This is why it’s so important to be real in what you offer.

But being real is hard.

Seeing how what is obvious and “not that amazing at all” to you would actually wow clients and be something they want to pay you for… that’s where your real offer is at.

P.S. Not sure what your real offer could be? I’d love to help you find out here in a personal Biz Clarity Call.


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