10 Netflix Sources of Inspiration for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, business owner or otherwise self-employed person, you need inspiring stories.

There are days when you will feel like it’s just too hard, or like nobody gets what you’re going through.

10 Netflix Sources of Inspiration for Your Business

On those days, it’s important to fill yourself up with inspiring storylines. You need to be able to create a “the hero was in a pit of darkness, but fought the monsters and made it through” kind of narrative in your head.

  • What is the pit of darkness you are in?
  • What are the monsters you need to face?
  • How will you keep putting one foot in front of the other to make it through?

If you can’t feel that deep sense of “I can make this happen”, then finding solutions is much much harder.

Finding solutions requires being able to put some of the fear aside. Doing that means you need access to a different feeling, a feeling of inspiration and a willingness to accept the challenge.

Maybe you’re lucky and you have friends or family who will tell you inspiring anecdotes to help give you a boost. Or maybe those are the exact people who will tell you to quit, have no idea what to say, who shake their head at you, or just don’t realise what the big deal is (“you’ll be fine, you always are”).

When you have no real-life inspiration stories, then novels and netflix can be a great source of getting your mojo back.

Immerse yourself in a story that mirrors some of your struggles and dilemmas. This will:

1. Make it easier to acknowledge, validate and feel your own feelings (that’s the first step to getting unstuck!)

2. Remind you that other people have gone through something similar (even if the story you’re reading or watching is fictional, it’s inspired by something real somewhere)

3. Give you a feeling shift in perspective

I don’t think soaking in stories like this is a waste of time or a cop-out at all. I believe it’s important in maintaining your mojo.

So, here’s a list of netflix shows for inspiration! (In no particular order)

1. Girlboss

About a girl who turned the only thing she really loved, into a business

2. Most Beautiful Thing

Set in 1959 Rio de Janeiro (with all the sexism and racism of that time).

A woman decides to open a club with a female friend – after her husband left with all her money, her father disowned her, and all the men told her to go wear something pretty and just go find herself a new man instead.

3. Always a Witch

For those days when you feel like you’re on a journey nobody understands, coming from a place nobody else came from and living in a world that doesn’t always make sense.

4. Queen of the South

For when you got to where you are, because of some dark things you’ve experienced and you need an outlet. Don’t watch this if you’re looking for an upbeat series. If you’ve got some dark struggles and feelings that are surfacing though, this could be the series that gets you through. (Because plastering some comedy on top of the pain is not always the best route).

Teresa falls in love with a drug dealer and gets sucked into his world, she goes on the run until she realises, the only way to survive is to gain control.

5. Turn Up Charlie

For when your dreams have been gathering dust too long and you’ve all but given up.

Charlie is a down and out dj who gets a new shot at launching his career. Also: there’s an adorable precocious young girl in the series. Make her the angel on your shoulder when you feel stuck.

6. Juanita

For when you’re spending so much time taking care of everyone else that you’re forgetting who you are and what makes you feel alive.

Juanita is always the responsible one bailing everyone else out. Then one day she decides to take a trip to… somewhere. Along the way, she reinvents herself.

Heads up: the trailer does a really bad job of representing the movie. This is one of the most HSP-like movies I have seen, but the way they cut the trailer hints at something scandalous and sensational – which it is not. That guy on the couch in his underwear? Just a fantasy who takes up a tiny amount of space in the movie.

7. Workin’ Moms

On juggling responsibilities (as a mom, but also 100% enjoyable and relatable when you’re not a mom) and real talk about daily modern life and struggle. If you’re always wondering why people don’t say what’s really going on, this show is a funny breath of fresh air. If you’re struggling to be articulate or honest about how you really feel, this show gives you permission. Also, it’s a big reminder on the importance of friendship.

8. The Breaker Upperers

These women are LIVING the unconventional business model. Yet, it’s also a reminder to be true to your feelings, and that making other people’s irresponsibility your livelihood does not a good businesss make.

9. Pitch Perfect

About getting out of “perfect” and having more fun. Also, about not hiding away your talents. Plus, lots of singing!

10. The Great Interior Design Challenge

About making great ideas fit budgets and time-restraints, being daring in your creations, dealing with mini-breakdown and accepting the end result for what it is.

Seeing what the amateur designers come up with is also good for getting your own creativity flowing. For, in the end, it’s all about getting out of doing the same old same old, no matter your field.

P.S. If you’re looking for some more personal inspiration to get out of a funk, feel free to set up a Biz Clarity Call with me so we can see where you lost your mojo and how to get it back a.s.a.p.





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